UK University application process

Applying to the UK university and securing a place requires several important procedures. However, at Student Connect we take great care of the student’s application and process all the required documents to our partner university after thorough assessment. Here below you will find the required steps for UK university application given in a simple manner;


1. Contacting Us


First student needs to contact us by email; phone; book a consultation; filling the contact us or apply now form and we will get back to the student for further communication within 24 hours’ time. It is highly recommended to inform us choice of program and level (undergraduate/postgraduate); and fees range you are looking for.



2. Consultation

Once we have been contacted we will get back to you with suitable university and program suggestion for you. You will be able to choose from different options available for your program and institution.


3. Processing your application

We will process your application after your confirmation of the university of your choice. In this stage we will amend and edit your documents (CV/personal statement) as per the requirements of the different university. In this stage we will require following documents from you in order to assess your file and guide you further;

Passport copy

  • All Qualification (including certificates & transcripts)


  • CV (curriculum vitae)

  • Personal Statement

  • An academic reference letter

  • Explanation of any gap (if you have) after last qualification

Once the application is submitted with all the relevant documents we will inform you promptly regarding the submission. And we hope to arrange an offer letter for you within one-week time.


4. Offer Issued


Once the offer is issued we will accept the offer on behalf of you (universities have different method of accepting offer, i.e. through email or filling a form) and will forward the offer to you for your consideration.


5. Fees Payment


In this stage you will require to pay the fees of your tuition. You will be able to choose from different installment plan of the university. When you are making the payment of fees it is very important to provide your student ID number in the payment method so that university can recognise promptly where the fund is coming from. Once you have made the payment you will require to provide the proof or receipt of the payment to us along with your bank statement (maintained for at least 28 consecutive days, funds required for London £11385 and outer London £9135).


6. Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS)


In order to apply for the visa application every international student requires a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (letter) also known as CAS. This letter is produced by the university with the collaboration of the UK Home Office, once the student made payment and provide bank statement. Usually issuing CAS process takes 2 – 5 working days. Once this CAS is issued student requires to apply for the visa application which is available online (we assist and act behalf of student in every step of this process). Please note some universities may take pre CAS interview before issuing this CAS. No worries, we will prepare for the interview.


7. Visa Application


Once the CAS is issued, student will require to apply for the visa. Student Connect is there to help you with this application. Visa application fee (non-refundable) will be paid to UK Home Office at this stage and this fees varied within the different countries. At this stage student will also require to pay for their health service they will receive in the UK, also known as NHS Health Surcharge.


After the application, an appointment will be booked for submission of the documents. On the day of submission, student will need to submit all the relevant documents to the appointed office.


8. Visa Interview


After the submission of the documents to the appointed centre, student may will be interviewed (for visa) on the day of submission or will be contacted (phone or email) by visa officer on any other consecutive day for an interview schedule. During the interview the officer will ask different relevant question to verify student genuine intention for the program; university choice and financial capability. At Student Connect, we highly train each and every student for this critical interview by providing relevant information and taking preparatory model interview.

And we are proud to let you know we have 0% visa refusal rate for the students those who have undergone through our preparatory program (free of charge). 


9. Obtain Visa


After the successful visa interview, student will be issued an entry visa stamp on their Passport that is valid for one-month period of time. After collecting this visa, student will require to purchase their air ticket and fly for their destination.


10. Arriving UK


Once arrived in the UK student will require to visit the university campus and enrol themselves for their approached program as early as possible.

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